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Community Blood Center/Community Tissue Services operates solely to satisfy the need for blood, allograft tissue and specialized laboratory services. As a not-for-profit, 501c(3) organization, CBC/CTS delivers the confidence and tradition of 50+ years of service to those hospitals it serves.

Both the American Association of Blood Banks and the American Association of Tissue Banks accredit CBC/CTS. CBC is also a member of America's Blood Centers, a national network of non-profit, local, independent community blood centers that collect about half (47 percent) of the U.S. blood supply.

The Community Blood Center (CBC) began operation in September 1964 in the Fidelity Medical Building on South Main Street in Dayton, Ohio. CBC was established to meet the vital need for acentralized system of blood banking to effectively aid local area patients. In 1964, CBC served two Dayton area hospitals, and by 1965 had expanded to providing the blood product requirements of all general hospitals in Dayton. Since 1967, CBC has grown to its current service area of 24 hospitals in 15 counties.

Community Tissue Services (CTS), a not-for-profit tissue bank, was founded in Dayton, Ohio in 1986 as a division of the Community Blood Center. The tissue bank was established to help patients in need of life saving or life enhancing tissue grafts. CTS' goal is to educate the community of the importance of tissue donation so that families can make informed decisions about the options of donation.

CTS serves the public through recovery, processing and distribution of human tissue grafts used for transplantation. Since 1994, CTS has expanded its Dayton, Ohio operations into Texas, Oregon, California, Indiana, Pennsylvania and Tennessee, with over 300 employees nationwide. CTS is an accredited member of the American Association of Tissue Banks and CTS-CTIR is ISO 13485 certified.

Strongly committed to providing the highest quality of tissues for transplantation, the tissue bank complies with all federal and state regulations. CTS is currently one of the largest US tissue banks, distributing nearly 10% of the tissue grafts in the United States. CTS is the largest nonprofit provider of skin grafts to surgeons for severe burn patients.

CTS provides ongoing educational opportunities for the public and health professionals, as well as education and support to donor families. Staff members offer "New Nurse Orientation" and "Designated Requestor," in-services that provide nurses with information about CTS, tissue donation, eligibility criteria of what tissue can be donated and recovered, and uses and benefits of tissue grafts. Educational presentations are also offered to community organizations, corporations and educational institutes including Junior High School, High School and Colleges.

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Community Blood Center/Community Tissue Services
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